Dashiell turned 9 as we flew over Greenland on our journey to our new home!

(students of their world clock will recognize that he technically didn’t turn 9 until we had landed and gone to sleep…but, for a young boy, birthdays begin on the morning of the magic day).

It made the already memorable trip even more so!

While D slept, I decorated his seat with a streamer, cake topper and a couple balloons. I asked the crew what they could do to commemorate his birthday, and they told me they couldn’t do any “fire candles” (!!) but that they would be happy to have the crew sign a card.

He was very surprised when he woke up with the streamers in his face!

Weren’t we further surprised that as we breakfasted, the pilot, Andy (who was very chatty and throughout the flight gave us lots of technical data about our flight–he seemed to really love every detail of flying!), wished Dashiell a happy birthday and a great year in Germany! This was very special!

As if this wasn’t neat enough, the pilot also gave us a marked-up version of his weather route, along with the weather report paperwork!

3 thoughts on “Birthday in the Sky

  1. Super cool! Especially the weather and route info with the best wishes of the crew. Definitely something for the memory box….

  2. Wow, a birthday to remember! Your decorations were the cutest thing. I love the map and all the info he wrote on it. Wherever Dash goes he makes new friends. Everyone loves him! Looking forward to the next post telling us all about his school.

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