Before the break for Carnival, we received a sealed envelope from school: grades!

Not knowing that to expect from the new school and a grading system that is totally new to us, we opened the envelope with anticipation and a bit of trepidation…

We learned that the grading is much like that at our previous school, if a bit briefer and without the photos. Unlike traditional American public school, grades are not given in letters but as number that corresponds to relative effort. Students also receive an overall mark for meeting a subject’s objectives. Also, unlike out previous school, attendance and punctuality are also part of the assessment.

We were relieved to see there were no big surprises in the report: D is still a solid at grade-level student. He still excels at PE and is a social butterfly! He remains wiggly and a bit unfocused, rushing through his work. Although he could work harder at being more studious, I am actually glad to hear things like:

…he is very talkative and is easily distracted by his friends

The German teacher Frau Hellenga doesn’t like this, which is understandable. But, this comment shows me he is comfortable being himself at the new school, and has made meaningful friendships.

One thought on “Report Card

  1. Looks like Dashiell has adjusted well going to a new school, in a new country, with a different language and making new friends. Great job!

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